And just like that, one Odd day…

Odd & Eve was founded by artist Humda Qureshi, whose art adorns homes in US, UK, Middle East and Pakistan. Back in 2015, Humda was looking for hand painted unique footwear for herself. Unable to find anything, she decided to create some herself and Odd & Eve was born. Odd & Eve offers beautiful handmade and hand-painted khussas and kheri / sandals in pure leather, that are durable and extremely comfortable. Our designs are one of a kind and solely designed by our artist who believes that there is beauty in the tiny imperfections of handmade products. We support local artisans who bring years of training and passion to every product we create. All the handmade products are made in our small studios, away from factory noise and air pollution, allowing nature and music to catalyze creativity. Making handmade products helps us achieve products of great quality and be environmentally friendly at the same time. Who would not want to own something truly unique made with such love?
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